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For over 60 years, Culbac’s line of easy-to-use, natural animal products have been helping people in the ag industry keep their animals healthy while boosting production and profitability. Every animal species has its own unique digestive needs and health challenges.

With this in mind, every Culbac animal product is uniquely formulated and scientifically proven to promote a healthy microbiome and a wide array of benefits for different animal species.

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Backed by Industry-Leading Research

Hundreds of university research studies and field trials worldwide show Culbac products for animals produce positive health benefits in species including cattle, horses, sheep, goats, pigs, poultry and others. 

Research has shown a healthy microbiome like that created by Culbac animal products

Reduces digestive issues such as: 

Reduces nutritional issues such as:

How do Culbac Animal Products work? 

All Culbac products include a unique fermentation process with probiotic bacteria, such as  and Lactobacillus acidophilus and other bacillus species, in nutritional media. This extensive fermentation process produces special metabolites, bio-peptides, glycoproteins, nutrients, amino acids, and nutritional enzymes (we call these postbiotics). These beneficial components are immediately available for use to the animal as feed additives. After the fermentation, we add other essential ingredients as a prebiotic pack (including vitamins and minerals, ensuring that animals get a triple benefit with rapid and ongoing results. The action of probiotics, in conjunction with prebiotics and postbiotics, works synergistically with the animal’s immune system, ensuring a robust response.


Additional bioactive ingredients dilate blood vessels, support responsiveness to stressors, support reproductive efficiency, and provide other physiological support. Probiotic strains like the stabilized bacteria contain proteins, along with prebiotics and postbiotics,  that interact with the animal’s immune system and include single-strandedDNA (cpg DNA, not at all like human DNA) to prime and ready the immune system for a faster and more effective response to stress or pathogens (bad bacteria).

Specialized for efficacy in a variety of animal species

Culbac animal products incorporate proprietary, scientifically formulated blends. Each concentrated blend meets the unique needs and challenges of animals, including monogastric, ruminants, and hindgut fermenters. Probiotic supplementation offers a direct health benefit, enhancing animal wellness.

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