Culbac Compost Aid Product

Culbac® Compost Aid: Cultured bacteria for your compost

One of the global concerns on farms, compost operations, and municipal waste facilities is measuring the activity and efficacy of their microbial digestion processes for organic matter. To help with this, we have investigated the efficacy of Culbac products to enhance and improve the digestion process and therefore to improve the return on investment for composting operations and to affect bio-gas formation.

Culbac additives are biochemical agents that are introduced to anaerobic digesters to stimulate microbial growth and metabolism and catalyze key biochemical reactions conducive to vigorous digestion. We use a formulation with Lactobacillus to enhance anaerobic digestion. Our products have been tested to provide support for fermentor bacterial organisms, growth factors, metabolic intermediates, enzymes, precursors of key basal materials, etc. that are not efficiently generated during most anaerobic fermentation processes.

Studies show adding low concentrations of Culbac products substantially improved high-rate digestion of sewage sludge at mesophilic temperatures positively impacting methane yield, methane production rate, and volatile solids reduction percentage differences and effluent volatile acids.

At high-rate loading and detention time conditions, stable digestion can be carried out at much higher loading and reduced detention times than conventional conditions with Culbac additive treatment while maintaining effluent quality and gas production, thereby increasing the waste treatment capacity of existing operations.

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The Culbac product line for composting includes 

Compost Frame with Vegetables and Flowers

Culbac Compost Aid is:

applied as a liquid and accelerates digestion of organic matter in anaerobic digestors, in the field or in pits, impacts methane yield and methane production rates in anaerobic digesters and minimizes processing time to facilitate higher throughput for waste treatment. 

How does Culbac Compost Aid work?

Scientific studies prove Culbac Compost Aid works

Studies indicate adding Culbac to the compost will activate the bacteria of the substrate, add in natural acidic buffers and provide antioxidants to accelerate anaerobic fermentation to improve the decomposition process. Our all-natural Culbac Probiotic Plus products are shown to expedite the rate of decomposition as well as improve digestion of the organic matter.  
Due to the stable nature of Culbac products, they will be effective at any of the temperatures mentioned, and will enhance the many various bacterial species in the compost that are necessary for efficient composting.

Here are some studies highlighting examples of results from our products. 

If you are in waste treatment facilities here are some studies that may interest you:

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Grass with Roots

Culbac® Seed Treatments promotes root mass, growth and more

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Culbac® treated grass gains resistance to seasonal dry weather and drought

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