Culbac Silage Dry Product

Culbac® Silage Fermentation Aid – Dry

Culbac Silage Fermentation Aid Dry is a Culbac® Probiotic Plus™Culbac® Probiotic Plus™ is a proprietary beneficial bacterial fermentation product that has undergone a special processing and is enhanced and stabilized to support the growth of good bacteria and minimize pathogens that can negatively impact your soil, plants or animals. Additional vitamins, minerals and amino acids are added to the formulations for extra benefit.  microbial fermentation product that inhibits mold growth and enhances anaerobic fermentation of ensiled and fermented crops by facilitating the production of lactic acid bacteria. Culbac Silage Fermentation Aid Dry can be applied at the cutter, chopper, wagon, baler or bagger. Whether making haylage or baleage, Culbac Silage Fermentation Aid Dry will not only preserve and protect from molds, mildews, and yeast, but will also enhance the anaerobic fermentation to ensure a faster feed-out and sweeter silage.

With antioxidants, anthocyanins, phytonutrients, and other vitamins, minerals, Culbac Silage offers an optimized formulation that results in a faster feed out and maintains the highest nutrient content whether baling, bagging, or bunker-storing. The fermentation by-products and metabolites present in Culbac, stimulate the growth of good bacteria, including lactic-acid producing bacteria, already present in silage or haylage. The faster the crop enters its lactic-acid phase, the lower the energy losses and the better quality of the feed.

On a farm, Culbac Silage Fermentation Aid Dry is a valuable asset because it protects the investment which results in higher returns. Learn More

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Culbac Silage is:

An all-natural product

Safe and easy to use

Available in liquid and dry form

Culbac Silage is scientifically proven to:

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Why is Culbac Silage easier, safe and more economical to use? It is:

How does Culbac Silage Inoculant and Fermentation Aid work?

Culbac Silage enhances crop yield by protecting and promoting faster fermentation for earlier feed-out. Culbac Silage protects by inhibiting the growth of molds, mildews, and yeast and prevents spoilage from pathogenic bacteria (including Clostridia) and minimize butyric acid. Culbac Silage accomplishes this protection by rapidly dropping the pH and enhancing natural acids. Sugars and glycopeptides stimulate indigenous bacteria (including lactic acid bacteria, L. plantarum, L. buchnerei, etc.) for rapid robust fermentation.

Culbac Silage enhances aerobic stability in bunkers, bales, and bags, enhances buffering capacity and preserves high protein levels. Dry matter is preserved with the fermentate in Culbac treatments maximizing nutrient content and improving palatability.

Research, Proof Culbac Silage works

Extensive research conducted with universities and through field studies have proven that Culbac Silage works and outperforms the competition. Here are a few examples highlighting the research and findings.

Silage in Covered Pile

Culbac® Silage can help improve the quality and extend the bunk life of fermented forage

Culbac Silage can help improve the quality and feeding value of ground roughage and extend the bunk life of fermented forage.   The effectiveness of Culbac ...
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Handful of Sileage

Culbac® Silage helps produce robust anaerobic fermentation often better than live-microbial inoculants

In side-by-side research studies, Culbac Silage helps produce robust anaerobic fermentation that preserves silage, maintains nutritional value and encourages faster feed-out as well as and ...
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Handful of Sileage

Culbac® Silage prevents mold and extends TMR bunk life

Culbac Silage is demonstrated to minimize bunk loss and maximize nutritional feed output in total mixed rations (TMRs). Shortened time to feed-out, improved palatability and ...
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Application for Culbac Silage

Dry Application

  • 4 lbs. per ton of hay, ranging from 16% to 22% moisture
  • 8 lbs. per ton, when moisture is over 22%

Packaging Options for Culbac Silage

Dry Availability

Unit Size Units per Case Product Code
25 lb 1 3-2525
Bulk Call for quote Call for quote

Available in quantities of 25 lb, and bulk

25 lb



Cutting Silage with Culbac Hay Product Line Inset

"A small square bale of alfalfa hay was baled in the rain with extra high dosage rates of Culbac® Hay inoculant preservative applied on 18 June, 2010. 4/5 lb per ton or 12.8 ounces per ton hay application. On 2 July 2010, 2 weeks later, the bale tested 35% moisture and was still cool to the touch and a pleasant odor."

Partch Farms | Outlook, WA
Augies Ag Sales | Ephrata, WA

Round Hay Bales in Field with Culbac Hay Product Line Inset

"The Culbac® Hay Product has been a great addition to my custom baling operation. I have been able to bale hay as high as 21% moisture and have had great results in both quality and appearance. I'm glad I can open up my window to bale longer and my customers are happy I can get the hay off the field sooner."

John Estacio Jr. | Hilmar, CA
Owner of Sundown Farms

Cutting Silage with Culbac Hay Inset

"I’ve been using Culbac for 5 to 6 years, it’s been a great product. I bale my hay with stem moisture, which means that I don’t let it completely cure out beforehand. Just for the fact that I don’t know if I will get enough dew to hold the leaves on. The moisture content of the stems is usually fairly high. I really notice a reduction in the amount of bales that are burnt, this is generally caused by too high of moisture. Heat is generated in the bale because of the moisture being too high. I truly believe that it’s [Culbac has] reduced the heat content of the bales [that is] the higher moisture content. I would recommend it to anyone who has to bale with stem moisture. Hopefully that will help any of you hay growers who want to put up quality hay. Thank you very much. "

Dean Benedict | Soap Lake, WA
Culbac user 5-6 years