Hay & Silage Problems & Culbac® Hay & Silage Solutions

Since the early 1970s, Culbac’s line of easy-to-apply, all-natural products have been helping farmers preserve the nutritional qualities and values of baled and ensiled crops.

Our proprietary products encourage the growth of beneficial, lactic acid-producing bacteria helping prevent and inhibit mildew, yeast, pathogens and mold while maximizing nutritional value.

Backed by Industry-Leading Research

Culbac products for forage have been proven to work in hundreds of university research studies and field trials worldwide. The research and studies show Culbac products for forage help farmers deal with the inevitable challenges with various types of crop harvest and storage.

Research has shown some of the many benefits of Culbac for Hay include:

Enhanced leaf retention, reduced leaf shatter, and maintained stem pliability to retain higher protein content in the bale

Acelerated hay drying and allow for baling at higher moistures to decrease time between cutting and baling

Preventing and inhibition of mold, mildew, yeast, and pathogen growth in hay

How does Culbac for Hay work?

In hay, Culbac products work as a preservative and a protectant, similar to how an incoculant works. Culbac for Hay prevents the breakdown of nutritional elements in hay after it is cut and dried down. It also enhances digestibility and palpability while maximizing nutritional value.

Research has shown some of the many benefits of Culbac for Silage include:

Increase the availability of crude protein and dry matter

Increase the availability of crude protein and dry matter

Inhibit growth of molds, mildews, yeast and pathogens

Extend bunk life

How does Culbac for Silage work?

In silage, Culbac products work to provide three main benefits. The products work as an inoculant from mold and mildew, as a protectant from mold and mildew and as a fermentation aid. Since silage ferments in anaerobic conditions, Culbac products enables beneficial lactic acid bacteria to outcompete pathogens that lower nutritional value and cause rot.

Forage products efficacy

Culbac forage products incorporate proprietary, scientifically formulated blends. Each concentrated blend meets the unique needs and challenges of hay and silage.

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