Swine Health Problems & Culbac® Animal Solutions

Culbac products for raising pigs are specially designed to improve health and performance at all life stages. Research has shown that feeding Culbac will benefit pigs at all stages of the production cycle. Our all-natural swine products use our proprietary Culbac® Probiotic Plus™ formulation which includes a bacterial fermentation with probiotics, prebiotics, and postbiotics as well as beneficial natural acids to balance the pH and support microbial activity in the digestive tract.

Research studies with Culbac natural animal products have shown:

The end result? Culbac animal products optimize the nutritional strategy on your farm to support superior nutrient uptake, a strong and healthy immune system, high productivity, and high fertility.

The Culbac product line for swine includes:

Healthy Start®

A liquid form of Culbac product that can be included in milk replacer, colostrum, or milk. supporting digestive efficiency and a healthy and balanced microbiome in monogastric animals. Can be delivered as a spray or drench or included in daily rations. 

Culbac Dry

A dry form of Culbac on a corn-cob base that can be pelleted, included in TMR daily ration or top-dressed for daily digestive support.

How Our Products Work In Swine

When incorporated into feed for swine,

Culbac animal products travel through the entire digestive tract of an animal with a concentrated formula of vitamins, minerals and nutrients as well as protected stabilized bacteria. Upon reaching the animals’ gut, enzymes release bioactive ingredients which stimulate the growth of the beneficial bacteria existing in the gut and prevent bad bacteria from colonizing.

Additional bioactive ingredients dilate blood vessels, support responsiveness to stressors, support reproductive efficiency, and provide other physiological support. Also, the animal’s immune system is stimulated when the cell wall of our product and the non-viable DNA (cpg DNA) are released. As a result, the animal’s immune system gets primed and is ready for a faster and more effective response to stress or pathogens (bad bacteria).

Benefits of Culbac products

Vertical integration is changing the swine industry, as are technological changes, but maintaining the health, virility, and vitality of boars requires careful maintenance of dietary nutrients. Making sure that your animals are getting the optimal nutritional uptake in the digestive tract will ensure potent semen with excellent motility. Accessory organs in the boar reproductive tract require optimal lubrication and correct pH balance to protect and prepare sperm for actively fertilizing an egg. This means caring for the secretory tissues in the tract and making sure the appropriate nutrients are available to provide ionic balance.

Fewer farms overall are producing pork, and so efficiency and success with fertility on those farms is important. Including Culbac Dry in the daily feed ration for boars will help maintain the health and energy required for optimized secretory tissue health and successful fertility.

Products: Culbac Dry

Preparing sows for service involves careful attention to feed intake and nutrient balance, as each AI (artificial insemination) failure is lost money. Making sure that the sow consumes adequate feed is important, but more important is making sure that the sow is utilizing the feed to its best advantage, absorbing nutrients and producing healthy ova and providing the correct hormonal secretions and healthy tissues to support implantation once fertilized.

To optimize nutrient utilization, minimize stress, and ensure healthy and supple uterine tissues, making sure that the microbiome of the digestive tract is in balance and functioning at top capacity is critical. Once implantation has successfully occurred, the metabolic requirements grow throughout gestation. As pregnancy advances, the energy and nutrient requirements increase and are critical in the last 10 days of gestation.

Products: Culbac Dry

Most operations increase the amount of feed starting about 100 days before farrowing to ensure optimal body condition (energy stores) at farrowing and to prepare for the additional energy requirements during lactation. This is a very important time to ensure that the microbiome of the digestive tract is working at optimal efficiency, and that the immune system of the sow is re-engaged appropriately post-farrowing.

Ensuring a well-balanced diet supplemented with Culbac products will help increase efficiency of feed usage, provide a lower culling rate, optimize sow reproductive performance, control backfat gain during gestation, and help maintain weight and backfat thickness during lactation. Optimizing digestibility of daily feed allowances by making sure that the microbiome is well-managed and that cardiovascular health is supported can be achieved with the addition of Culbac to the daily feed ration in the sow.

Products: Healthy Start and Culbac Dry

Upon successful farrowing, it is immediately necessary to capitalize on your investment and prepare the neonatal piglets for a healthy start toward a lifetime of success. To make a real difference for the piglet, with a consideration for market weight and body condition, immediately optimizing the microbiome of the gut to digest and absorb nutrients is critical. This can be easily accomplished with an immediate dose of Healthy Start at processing.

Starting on day one you can use Culbac’s Healthy Start product to protect the piglet and ensure that the best possible digestive tract function will develop in that animal. Because pigs are monogastric animals, it is important to support the commensal bacteria throughout the entire digestive tract, making sure that that many varied species of good bacteria in both the early, middle, and late portions of the tract are abundant. This is also the time when the immune system is developing once the passive immunity from the sow is no longer available to the piglet. Making sure that this early development is enhanced will offer lifelong investment in health benefits and growth optimization through the lifetime of the pig. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to set your farm up for success. This is the time to use Healthy Start to make sure your pig has the best start possible. Any time you are processing them, a bit of Healthy Start will go a long way.

Products: Healthy Start

Weaning is a stressful time for pigs. When animals are stressed, their immune systems are not working at optimal strength. Minimizing stress in young swine is the best way to ensure healthy animals for the future of your farm or healthy pigs to market, and efficient response to vaccination. Providing an additional dose of Healthy Start in preparation for vaccination programs will ensure a robust immune response for your vaccination program.

Scours and pathogenic exposure can challenge your piglets. Maintaining a healthy microbiome and strong immune responsiveness can help you avoid scouring and ensure that your pigs reach market weight quickly with the most efficient use of feedstuffs. Healthy Start will help the microbiome flourish and provide electrolytes and immediately bioavailable vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other nutrients. When the microbiome is at its peak, digestibility is optimum, and the immune system will function to reduce pathogenic colonization in the gut. Using Healthy Start to minimize the effects of the stressful weaning process will ensure excellent return on investment at market.

Products: Healthy Start and Culbac Dry

Healthier pigs mean faster gain to market weight, higher quality grades and more market premiums. Boosting the immune system and minimizing stress at the same time is a great added benefit to support the health of your hogs. Having to separate pigs for size and delay taking them to market is costly and minimizes your return on your investment.

Even the best vaccinated and preconditioned animals have lowered immune response to pathogens in times of stress. Making sure that your animals are able to handle the stress and have an optimized immune system to resist pathogens will give them a great start, maintain regular growth, and will have the markets looking forward your great animals. Get pigs to market faster and more efficiently by including Culbac in the diet early and throughout the growing phase. Protect your animals with strong immunity and efficient digestion, maximizing your return on investment.

Products: Healthy Startand Culbac Dry

To get the best from your finishing hogs, optimal feed digestibility and efficiency is key. Any stress or illness can make a hog go off feed, compromising your investment and requiring additional inputs or medications to return them to the growing pigs you want to see. Supporting the immune system, making sure the animals are on feed, improving feed to gain ratios, and watching your investment thrive are the key goals. Culbac products can help with these goals and provide peace of mind that your investment is sound and the returns will be high.

Products: Healthy Start and Culbac Dry