About TransAgra

TransAgra International Inc. is a manufacturer of microbial fermentation products for agriculture. The company’s manufacturing plant is located in Storm Lake, Iowa, with corporate offices in Chicago, Illinois. The company was founded in the 1960s by Herbert R. Peer, a visionary scientist, who discovered a unique strain of Lactobacillus and developed a proprietary fermentation process to culture it.

Culbac (which stands for “CULtured BACteria”) is unique. Since the early 1960s, TransAgra, has been helping people in the agricultural industry improve their soil, plants, feed and animals with all natural products.

We firmly believe that a successful future depends on utilizing and properly managing resources available to us—including those invisible to the naked eye.

Our Mission

As a pioneer with Culbac®’s Probitotic Plus™, TransAgra’s mission is to aid livestock and crop producers by providing natural, effective, safe and environmentally-sustainable solutions for their enterprises.

Our Story

As a company, TransAgra has come a long way since 1960, when our innovative founder, Herbert Peer, first cultured our proprietary strain of Lactobacillus Acidophilus. Read on to learn more of our beginning and how we continue to evolve to serve you.

Our Products

TransAgra’s Culbac brand products are grouped into three main categories:

Animal Nutrition Supplements

Culbac® animal nutritional supplements are natural fermentation products designed to promote a healthy microbiome in livestock. They are not probiotics, which consist of live bacteria, or prebiotics, which are simply dietary fiber that nourish probiotics. Rather, Culbac® Probiotic Plus™ animal nutritional supplements consist of non-viable, stabilized bacteria and their fermentates. Culbac Probiotic Plus products benefit livestock in many ways: by providing food and bionutrients to good bacteria in the gut to work with the animal’s immune system.

Plant Biostimulants

Culbac® Foliar and Seed Treatments are biostimulants derived from a unique fermentation of Lactobacillus and seaweed. As a natural soil treatment, Culbac Probiotic Plus products supplement and support the microbiome in the soil nurturing rhizobial bacteria. When used as a seed treatment, Culbac® promotes earlier emergence and enhanced seedling vigor. As a foliar spray, Culbac® improves yield by promoting root growth and boosting stress resistance.

Forage Preservatives

Culbac® Hay and Silage Treatments are natural fermentation products which help to preserve the nutritional quality of baled and ensiled crops by promoting the growth of lactic acid-producing bacteria while inhibiting molds, mildews, yeasts and pathogens.


Since our inception, we here at TransAgra are always looking for ways to improve and better protect the world we share. Learn more about our company-wide commitment to sustainability.