The TransAgra Commitment to Sustainability

Sustainability at Transagra
Sustainability is a big word in agriculture, particularly now as we contemplate the need to feed the world while balancing the concerns that have been raised regarding environmental impact and the ability to feed the world in the future. Making sure that we proceed in a sustainable way while still maximizing productivity and profitability is tricky, and that is where Culbac products help farmers succeed with their sustainability goals.

The TransAgra family has created product lines that support sustainability throughout the entire cycle of farming, and we are committed to helping you with an all-natural approach to maintaining sustainability for the future. We have been doing this for 60 years, and we can help get you started with sustainability goals and more than that, help you succeed.

Our Family of Products
The family of TransAgra products include products to help the soil, products to help seeds with germination and emergence, products to help strengthen plants and help produce healthy results with those plants, products to help with harvest and preservation of plants and crops, products to help with making animal feeds, products to help animals with health, welfare, and optimal digestion of nutrients, and products to help with composting for returning nutrients to the soil for the next round. THAT IS SUSTAINABILITY ON YOUR FARM and is also a big boost to your ROI.

Our Difference
What makes Culbac products different than other products on the market today is our proprietary Culbac Probiotic Plus™. Our unique concentrated formulation is specifically targeted towards each application. In animals, our proprietary stabilized bacteria not only feed all the diversity of bacteria in the microbiome but also targets and combats pathogens (bad bacteria) and supports sustainability on the farm. Also in animals, the fermentate in Culbac offers additional support to the immune system and helps with feed efficiency. Less feed for more gain/productivity is the key to keeping your profitability while also focusing on sustainability.

In plants, Culbac plant products nurture the soil and support the plant from seed to harvest with nutrients, bacterial resources, and endophyte support to strengthen and encourage enhanced productivity. Building the soil microbiome means sustainability for the future of your farm. More harvest with less inputs equals better ROI along with sustainability.

Culbac products were developed with the entire agricultural life cycle in mind. From soil – to plant – to animal and back to soil. When hay and silage are harvested and preserved well, jam-packed with nutrients, and prepared for feeding, the benefits in animals are profound. Healthy animals return healthy benefits back to the soil and the sustainable cycle continues.

Unlike other products on the market, Culbac is derived from all-natural ingredients and is manufactured in the U.S.A. under the strictest quality standards. Our core values and mission go beyond helping farms and production operations with sustainability. We lead the way by focusing on sustainability in our manufacturing, processes, and corporate values. We believe this will improve our planet and the lives of those with whom we share it.

Below are just a few examples of how TransAgra’s products contribute to stewardship in agriculture and beyond:

  • Our fermentation process is also a recycling process. The main active ingredient in all Culbac products are derived from microbial fermentations. We focus on sustainability with our inputs into the products and as we produce the nutrition-packed fermentates.
  • Our products help agriculture do its part to protect human medicine. Minimizing or eliminating the use of antibiotics on the farm is a popular trend these days. Fortunately, Culbac® animal supplements exist as a natural, non-medicated alternative to averting immunosuppression, thus reducing the need for antibiotics in animal husbandry. Keeping your animals healthy in the face of daily challenges provides stability and sustainability on the farm.
  • Reducing spoilage reduces waste. Culbac Hay and Silage treatments enable farmers to harvest the maximum amount of nutrients from their acres while minimizing losses in storage which benefits ROI.
  • Improved nutrient intake by plants helps protect watersheds. The soil microbiome-enhancing qualities and the root-boosting qualities of Culbac Plant biostimulants enable nitrogen fixation and help plants to increase their nutrient intake. By doing so, they reduce the amount of excess nutrients, such as nitrogen and phosphorus, that might run off and impair streams, rivers and lakes.
  • Efficiency is an essential factor in sustainability. Whether used in livestock or on crops, our diverse products help to conserve resources by producing more food with fewer inputs.
  • All Culbac products are natural, non-toxic and biodegradable. None of our products will harm people, plants, pets or wildlife when used as directed.