Lawn & Grass Problems & Culbac® Plant Solutions

From seedlings to harvest, Culbac products have been used by lawn and turf growers to increase yields while helping their seedlings, plants and trees deal with stressors such as transplant shock, short growing seasons, drought and other weather-related issues. Common lawn problems like thinning grass, bare spots can be mitigated resulting in a healthy lawn. 

With 60+ years of proven results, Culbac products can be used as a part of any lawn care treatment plan and allows growers to make the most of any growing season.

Our easy-to-use, natural, and sustainable products are derived from a unique combination of fermented bacteria and seaweed extract making them safe and effective.

Through university research and field trials, all Culbac plant products have been (and continue to be) extensively tested through university research studies and as well as field trials.

Grass with Roots

Culbac products are scientifically proven to delivers benefits including:

The Culbac product line for lawn and turf include:

Culbac® Green™ (EPA-label)

Culbac Green is our EPA-labeled Plant Solution Product. If you need an EPA-labeled product for your farm records, Culbac Green is a concentrated bio-stimulant foliar spray with the ability to stimulate root growth, making it ideal for turf health, particularly in high traffic areas. It provides the same benefits as Culbac Plant Solutions.

Culbac Commercial Seed Treatment

Culbac Commercial Seed Treatment acts as a stimulus for the growth of beneficial soil microbes when coated onto seeds. In addition to its bioactive compounds, it is fortified with a blend of essential micronutrients to ensure seedlings get the best start possible.

Culbac Dry Seed Treatment Plus Product Case

Culbac Dry Seed Treatment Plus

Culbac Dry Seed Treatment Plus is a dry, Probiotic Plus seed coating formulated with a patented soy powder base for easy application and mixing. It’s designed to get plant seeds off to a better, faster start. No carcinogenic talc or dirty graphite to wear home on your clothes, only natural soy powder.

How Our Products Work In Lawn And Turf

Culbac Plant products contain growth regulators like cytokininCytokinins are a class of plant growth substances that promote cell division, or cytokinesis, in plant roots and shoots. They are involved primarily in cell growth and differentiation, but also affect apical dominance, axillary bud growth, and leaf senescence. , microminerals, macrominerals, amino acids, and they also stimulate beneficial microbes in the rhizosphere. The fermentation metabolites in Culbac Plant products boost the populations of good native microorganisms in the soil. These beneficial microorganisms are essential for converting soil nutrients into forms that the plant will absorb, take up and use. This results in increased root mass, hardier lawn and turf as well as increased performance throughout the seasons.

Benefits of Culbac Products

One of the most consistent responses to the soil Culbac plant products to the soil is increased biomass in the rhizobium, increased microbial activity in the soil, and development of robust root systems in plants to bring necessary nutrients to the plant. This ability makes Culbac products a valuable tool in the establishment and maintenance of healthy lawns and turf, which require vigorous roots to withstand the stresses of mowing, dry weather, heavy traffic, seasonal dormancy, and competition from weeds.

Culbac’s importance to the turf industry is further enhanced by efforts to limit the application of phosphorus in fertilizers. Phosphorus is an essential macronutrient to plants since it, along with other factors, stimulates root development. But when phosphorus enters a watershed, such as via erosion, it can promote dense algae blooms that lead to the eutrophication of rivers and lakes. In order to limit the damage caused by phosphorus on aquatic ecosystems, increasing environmental regulations have aimed to curtail the amount of phosphorus seeping into drainage by reducing phosphorus levels in fertilizers. By promoting root development, Culbac plant products can be a valuable aid to lawncare systems without adding to the problem of eutrophication in watersheds. Since Culbac is an all-natural product derived from fermenting beneficial bacteria in a nutrient medium containing kelp (Ascophyllum nodosum), it is safe to use according to label directions.

Products: Culbac Plant SolutionCulbac Green, Culbac Liquid Commercial Seed Treatment, and Culbac Dry Commercial Seed Treatment Plus

Culbac plant products have been tested extensively for use as a seed treatment. The formulations developed have demonstrated great success with seed for lawn and turf. Studies on grass seed have been conducted by independent seed research laboratories, cooperating seed processors, University researchers, and by TransAgra researchers over the years. This research has been essential in determining the optimal rate of applying Culbac to a variety of grass seeds and to make available liquid and dry forms of Culbac seed treatments for ease of application.

Studies have been conducted in cool-season grasses, like Kentucky bluegrass, K31 Tall Fescue, Creeping Red Fescue, Ryegrass and others. Studies have also been conducted in warm-season grasses including Bermuda grass, Bahiagrass, Centipede grass, Zoysia grass, and others. Measures of root and shoot growth, seedling vigor, drought resistance have demonstrated the great efficacy of Culbac plant products as a seed treatment for lawn and turf.

Products: Culbac Plant SolutionCulbac Green, Culbac Liquid Commercial Seed Treatment, and Culbac Dry Commercial Seed Treatment Plus

Although not a traditional application for lawn and turf, many studies have been conducted in both greenhouse and field settings to identify benefits of Culbac plant products when used as a root dip for turf grasses. When Culbac plant products were used as a root dip for Bermuda grass plugs, Culbac-treated plugs averaged 40% root mass above controls. Additionally, on average Culbac-treated plugs showed 13% more shoot growth than controls. In root dip trials compared to a competitor product, the root and shoot growth for the Culbac-treated plugs was substantially greater than those treated with the competitor product. It is reasonable to conclude that if the root systems of grasses are more fully developed, the durability and healthy growth of shoots should be increased due to the greater uptake of water and nutrients.

Products: Culbac Plant Solution and Culbac Green

Historically, Culbac has proven to be very effective for increasing plant growth when applied on foliage. In trials with commercial sod, whether by planting sprigs or studies using “ribbon strips”, a single application of Culbac promoted observable root growth, by 3 months the Culbac-treated plots had significantly higher root mass, and at 6 months the root growth in the Culbac-treated plots was nearly 100% better than the untreated groups. Investigators also noted that the bare areas between the ribbon stips filled in more rapidly for the Culbac-treated plots than those left untreated.

Because a more extensive root system is developed, one would also expect a greater amount of soil to be retained when sod is cut at harvest time. Core samples taken at harvest in studies showed that Culbac-treated sod had greater amounts of soil adhering to the root system. Trials have been run in many types of grasses, including Kentucky bluegrass, fescue, Bermuda grass, St. Augustine grass, etc. Each trial demonstrated the benefits of Culbac plant products when delivered to lawn or turf via foliar spray.

Products: Culbac Plant Solution and Culbac Green