Cattle Health Problems & Culbac® Animal Solutions

For over 60 years, Culbac animal products have been helping beef farmers and the beef industry effectively increase the health and productivity of beef cattle with a cost-effective, all-natural line of products.


In beef cattle, a healthy and properly functioning rumen system not only impacts meat quality, disease resistance, immune strength, and udder health but also ensures a lustrous hair coat which is an indicator of overall health. Reproductive efficiency and health for the multiparous cow, heifer, and calf are equally essential.


Culbac all-natural animal products use proprietary Culbac® Probiotic Plus™ formulations which include probiotics, prebiotics, and postbiotics from the unique fermentation process, with high concentrations of beneficial elements, which are specifically designed to help cattle thrive.

Red Heifer Among Black Cattle

Hundreds of research studies with Culbac animal products have consistently shown:

Culbac animal products help to optimize the nutritional strategy on your farm to support the highest return on investment with superior nutrient uptake, a strong and healthy immune system, high productivity, and high fertility. We offer a line of proven products for your operations. The Culbac product line for beef cattle includes:

The Culbac product line for beef cattle includes:

Healthy Start®

A liquid form of Culbac product that can be included in milk replacer, colostrum, or milk. Can be delivered as a spray or drench or included in daily rations. 

Culbac Dry

A dry form of Culbac on a corn-cob base that can be included in TMR or top-dressed for daily digestive support.


A dry form of Culbac on a corn-cob base with an additional vitamin/mineral pack specifically formulated to support the rumen.

How Our Products Work in Beef Cattle

When incorporated into feed for beef cattle and calves, Culbac animal products travel through the entire digestive tract of an animal with a concentrated formula of vitamins, minerals and nutrients, protective postbiotics, as well protected stabilized bacteria. Providing microbial support to the rumen and reticulum both is an important benefit and supports efficient ruminal digestion. The pH balance is critical in the omasum and abomasum. 

Culbac products provide natural acids which support pH balance in the ruminant animal. When the stabilized bacteria in Culbac products reach the rumen, enzymes release bioactive ingredients which stimulate the growth of the beneficial bacteria existing in the rumen and reticulum, and throughout the entire digestive tract, and prevent bad bacteria from colonizing. 

Additional bioactive ingredients dilate blood vessels, support responsiveness to stressors, support reproductive efficiency, and provide other physiological support. The stabilized bacteria contain proteins that interact with the animal’s immune system and non-viable DNA (cpg DNA) to prime and ready the immune system for a faster and more effective response to stress or pathogens (bad bacteria).

Bottle Fed Calves

Study Proven benefits of Culbac products

Cow/calf operations focus on gestation, calving, and weaning of calves. Fertility is the first challenge in a beef cattle operation, whether cow-calf focused, or full lifecycle.

Optimal fertility depends on the right diet and efficient nutrient uptake in the animal to ensure proper hormone levels are achieved and to prepare the uterus for implantation. If a cow is unable to access or use nutrients appropriately because her rumen is out of balance or not optimized, even the best ration will not support the achievement of reproductive goals.

Balanced cycling, effective implantation, and making it through the first 20 days without embryo loss all depend on nutrient uptake. Culbac animal products help during this key time by supporting rumen function and optimizing the bacteria in the ruminal compartments to ensure nutrient uptake and efficient breeding.

Products: Culbac Dry and Rumen-Bac

Lower morbidity and mortality, higher weaning success, stronger immune responsiveness, better feed to gain ratios, a healthier replacement heifer or better price at the sale barn.

At calving, delivery of colostrum and passive immunity within hours is critical to support digestion and immune development in the calf. Ensuring that each calf gets a healthy start can make a real difference on return on investment when a calf goes to market.

Starting on day one, Culbac’s Healthy Start® product ensures the development of healthy rumen function in your calves. When calves are born, their digestive function resembles that of a monogastric animal. The swings in pH that are associated with every feeding take extra energy from the calf, and the rumen that starts building in the young calf is affected by how well the calf is able to utilize the nutrients coming from the cow’s udder. Additionally, this is the time when passive immunity is shared between the cow and her offspring. Optimizing that protective infusion from the cow and improving immune function in the young calf will serve that animal throughout its entire lifespan.

Products: Culbac Dry, Healthy Start, and Rumen-Bac

Elevated immune responsiveness to all vaccinations (higher protectivity), lower stress (cortisol levels) during weaning, faster digestive transition during weaning.

Weaning is a stressful time for calves. When animals are stressed, their immune systems are not working at optimal strength. Scours and pathogenic exposure can challenge your young calves.

Whether you are backgrounding or preconditioning calves for the sale barn, making sure you minimize stress in your animal is the best way to ensure healthy calves for the future of your farm or healthy calves to the sale barn, and efficient response to vaccination.

Healthier calves mean greater feedlot performance, higher quality grades and more market premiums. Boosting the immune system and minimizing stress at the same time is a great added benefit to support the health of your calves and optimize immunization responses to give your calves the best protection.

Products: Culbac Dry, Healthy Start, and Rumen-Bac

When calves are taken to auction, they are exposed to numerous stressors and potentially exposed to numerous pathogens being brought in by other animals. Even the best vaccinated and preconditioned animals have lowered immune responses during this stressful time. Clubac lowers stress (cortisol levels) during transport and after comingling, higher weights due to better gain, no time off feed during feed transitions.

Making sure that your animals are able to handle the stress and have an optimized immune system to resist the pathogens will give them a great start.

Culbac Healthy Start helps optimize the microbial balance in the ruminant animal throughout the entire digestive system. Having optimized rumen function has been shown to minimize stress and optimize immune responses to protect calves.

Products: Culbac Dry, Healthy Start, and Rumen-Bac

Healthier calves means healthier stockers, stronger immune responsiveness, resistance to bacterial infections, lower incidence of BRD, better feed to gain ratios.

The move to stockyards or pastures can be the most challenging time for most calves. A calf’s immune system is challenged from the stress of the sale barn, comingling with other animals, exposure to new pathogenic challenges, and often a move to a new facility.

These stresses can weaken the immune system and make calves susceptible to a variety of problems. Vaccinations require a healthy immune system to be effective – supporting the immune strength of the animal is key. Additionally, stress or illness can make a calf go off feed, further compromising the investment and often requiring additional inputs or medications to return the calf to health and productivity. Culbac animal feed additives support digestive function and can be delivered with other inputs or medications. Daily inclusion of Culbac feed additives has been shown to keep animals on feed and ensure nutrient uptake to maintain health and productivity.

Products: Healthy StartCulbac Dry and Rumen-Bac

Less stress during pen transition, higher weights due to better feed to gain ratios, higher quality at sale, lower incidence of pathogenic challenges, stronger immune responsiveness.

In finishing cattle, feed-to-gain ratios balanced with optimal meat quality, marbling, and volume are the key to return on investment. Keeping animals on feed, maintaining health, and ensuring optimized nutrient uptake within the ruminal compartment are goals of any finishing operation. The investment in a feed additive that supports these goals, like Culbac Animal products will maximize your return on investment. Culbac Animal products have been shown to optimize microbial balance throughout the digestive tract which has been scientifically proven to support immune function, optimize health, and provide optimal gain, increasing ROI.

Products: Healthy StartCulbac Dry and Rumen-Bac

Significantly higher carcass quality, lower overall pathogen load on the carcass, less pulled livers, higher meat/incoming weight ratio (less fluid weight lost from joint/bursa/organ disease).

Reduced pathogen load upon arrival at the packing facility provides positive value. Culbac animal products, when fed for weeks prior, help ensure demonstrably fewer pathogens (like E. coli) as the animal is processed. This can provide benefits at the packing plant and protect meat quality.

Products: Healthy StartCulbac Dry and Rumen-Bac