High Moisture Hay ProblemsCulbac® Probiotic Plus™ is a proprietary beneficial bacterial fermentation product that has undergone a special processing and is enhanced and stabilized to support the growth of good bacteria and minimize pathogens that can negatively impact your soil, plants or animals. Additional vitamins, minerals and amino acids are added to the formulations for extra benefit. Culbac® Probiotic Plus™

You invest a lot of time, energy, and effort into creating high-quality feed for animals. Our Culbac® Hay treatment is a Lactobacillus fermentation product that preserves higher moisture hay bales. While the process of making hay silage is distinct from haymaking, the principles of retaining moisture and ensuring aerobic stability are crucial. Culbac Hay stimulates beneficial bacteria that counteract the harmful effects of organisms that cause baled hay to mold and spoil. In the world of specialty hay and other forages for animals, the significance of moisture content is well understood. 

Taking inspiration from that, when properly applied to the hay crop, Culbac Hay allows for baling of hay at moisture levels higher than what’s typically recommended for stored hay. This allows the leaf-to-stem ratio to be higher which leads to quality hay with higher protein and nutrient content. Additionally, Culbac products alter the water tension to increase the drying capacity and shortening the time from cutting to baling. While increasing surface excessive moisture removal, the moisture in the stem is protected because of the unique pH qualities in the solution – which encourages softer, more pliable stems. This is critical for high quality hay and digestibility.

Since the early 1970s, our products have assisted farmers in safeguarding their investments in grass hay and dried grass. Not just limited to hay, our products also elevate hay and silage quality when used appropriately. Culbac solutions for grass hay and dried grass are all-natural, economical, and easy-to-use. They can be applied at various stages like the baler, the swather, the windrow, or the cutter, either ahead of or behind the conditioner, and allow for baling at higher moisture levels. This is similar to the benefits provided by inoculants for fermentation. Because our fermentation is intentionally produced for use in hay for animals, the sweet fermented taste encourages animals to stay on feed. In trials with hay treated with other preservative options, like propionic acid or other toxic hay preservatives, Culbac hay is highly preferred by animals.

They can be applied at the baler, the swather, the windrow, or the cutter ahead of or behind the conditioner and allows for baling at higher moisture levels.

Our products have undergone rigorous testing in both university research and field trials and continue to be evaluated for efficacy and nutritional benefits.

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Our products are scientifically proven to deliver benefits including:

The Culbac product line for hay includes:

Culbac Hay Product Line

Culbac Hay

Culbac Hay products are concentrated, fermented preservatives for legume and grass hay available in liquid and dry forms. Culbac Hay is specifically formulated for high-moisture baling, allowing the user to capture more leaf material resulting in higher hay volume and improved nutritional quality.

Culbac Forage Product

Culbac Forage Product (Organic)

Culbac Forage Product (Organic) is an organic-approved option for silage and is allowed for use on ORGANIC CROPS by many regional organic certifiers. It is a multi-purpose product that provides similar benefits to Culbac Hay and Culbac Silage.

How Our Products Work In Hay

Culbac for Hay works as a preservative, a protectant, and more beneficial than an inoculant. As hay is cut and dried down, its nutritional elements can begin to degrade. However, the most flavorful and nutrition-rich hay is crucial for successful animal production.

Culbac for Hay comprises bacteria and their fermentate, bestowing unique qualities to amplify the hay’s value, whether it’s grass or crop hay. Post-cutting, ensuring rapid dry down and the ability to bale at higher moisture facilitates swift windrow removal, resulting in speedier regrowth and a more bountiful subsequent harvest. At the baling stage, the elevated moisture content ensures increased leaf retention, stalk pliability, and preservation of the hay’s nutritional value. Mitigating mold, mildew, and yeast is essential to safeguard the investment in your crop, assuring a high ROI.