Horse Health Problems & Culbac® Animal Solutions

Equine nutrition is a unique challenge, one that equine nutritionists have studied extensively. Horses process most of their diet in the hindgut, meaning that a healthy hindgut with optimized nutritional uptake and energy utilization will make the most of the horse feeds you provide. The gut of the horse is very sensitive to any imbalance, therefore maintaining the best nutritional balance is vital. Healthy Start® delivers a jump-start for gut development in the foal and weanling. Horse-Bac® products are designed to support and balance the digestive system of the horse. Horse-Bac supports gut function with additional vitamins and minerals designed specifically for equine health.


Additionally, horses are often exposed to extreme exercise conditions. Whether on the racetrack, in the performance arena, or in the rodeo arena horses work hard to excel. This requires a muscle structure that can respond to highly intense situations. Horse-Bac products are uniquely suited to help the animal during exercise and have been shown in studies to help with recovery (“cooling down”). The lactic acid in the muscles needs to be processed efficiently and quickly as the animal’s muscles begin to relax. Without a cooling down period, these muscles can become rigid and lead to harm (tears, lesions on the muscle, etc.) Studies have shown that when Horse-Bac is fed to the animals daily, animals can perform better, and muscle recovery times are shortened and muscle recovery (cooling down) is much more efficient.


Horse-Bac is available in liquid or dry form and is an easy and fun way to deliver a daily dose of beneficial nutrients and stabilized bacteria to support the microbiome. This has been shown to provide supreme gut health and immune support for your horse. Probiotics only colonize the early part of the gut and miss the hindgut where a balanced microbiome leads to the support of overall health and immune function. Culbac all-natural horse products, including Horse-Bac Liquid and Horse-Bac Dry use our proprietary Culbac® Probiotic Plus™ technology which is specifically formulated for the horse and works all the way through to the hindgut.

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Horse-Bac® has versatility among the many equine specialties including:

Benefits of Horse-Bac supplements include:

The end result? Horse-Bac optimizes the nutritional strategy on your farm to support superior nutrient uptake, a strong and healthy immune system, high productivity, and high fertility.

The Culbac product line for horses is a total solution from foaling through geriatrics:

Healthy Start®

A liquid form of Culbac and can be given at birth through weaning to help establish optimal hindgut microflora and a lifetime of health. Healthy Start can be included in the water any time your horse is under stress or challenged, to help your horse get back on feed.


A dry formulation that can be included in daily rations, pelleted with feed, or top dressed for daily digestive support. Horse-Bac contains an added vitamin and mineral pack specifically designed for the equine gut. Ideal for performance horses, competition horses, driving ponies, competing draft horses.

It establishes and maintains a healthy hindgut which promotes more energy, better nutrient utilization, immune health, and is a win for you and your horse. Horse-Bac is also available as treats which is a easy and fun way to deliver a daily dose of Horse-Bac along with Chondroitin for joint health, beet pulp for energy, flax seed for additional Omega-3 fatty acids, for supreme support for your horse’s health.

Horse-Bac Liquid (OARS)

A liquid specially designed for horses and can be given at birth through weaning to help establish optimal hindgut microflora and a lifetime of health. Healthy Start Horse-Bac Liquid can be included in the water any time your horse is under stress or challenged, to help your horse get back on feed.

How Our Products Work In Horses

When incorporated into feed for adult horses and foals, Horse-Bac products travel through the entire digestive tract of a horse with a concentrated formula of vitamins, minerals, metabolites, and nutrients as well as protected stabilized bacteria. When the stabilized bacteria and fermentate reach the animals’ gut, enzymes release bioactive ingredients which stimulate the growth of the beneficial bacteria existing in the gut and prevent bad bacteria from colonizing.

Additional bioactive ingredients dilate blood vessels, support responsiveness to stressors, support reproductive efficiency, and provide other physiological support. Studies have shown that the animal’s immune system is stimulated when the cell membrane of the stabilized bacteria and the non-viable DNA (cpg DNA) are released and interact in the gut. It has been shown that these factors can prime an animal’s immune system and prepare for a faster and more effective response to stress or pathogens (bad bacteria).

All horses need a healthy, functioning hindgut to perform at their highest capacity. Culbac Healthy Start and Horse-Bac and Horse-Bac Liquid (OARS) can be easily incorporated into the daily feed to balance your nutritional goals.

Benefits of Culbac products

A newborn foal is dependent on its mother for nutrition and nurturing. The first few hours of a foal’s life are very important. This is the time when the foal adapts to its new environment and recognition and imprinting occur. Early colostrum provides passive immunity from the mother to the foal to protect it from the pathogens and viral challenges it will experience at this early life stage. Any potential to boost that immunity and to optimize the function of nutrition in the early hindgut of the animal is very important.

Healthy Start can be delivered as early as day 1 in a foal’s life and will help build the microbiome of the entire digestive system of the animal with all of the necessary good digestive bacteria that will support growth and nutritional uptake for the future of the animal.

Products: Healthy Start, Horse-Bac Liquid (OARS)

Weaning, usually between four and six months of age, is a stressful time in the life of a horse. At weaning, building the gut microflora appropriately will support your horse for a healthy and happy lifetime. The weanling is exercising regularly, building bone and muscle which require optimal nutritional uptake for proper development of both bone and muscle. Horse-Bac products will help to build a healthy gut and lead to a strong immune response in your foal.

The horse is a “hindgut fermenter”, meaning that any help to build functional gut microflora must make it all the way to the far end of the digestive tract. Horse-Bac is designed specifically to do just that. Weaning can be a stressful time and Horse-Bac will help your animal handle the transition with a minimum of stress and give them a strong start. Maintaining Horse-Bac in the diet as the animal transitions from yearling and beyond will continue to stabilize the gut and allow for optimal growth and performance.

Products: Horse-Bac, Horse-Bac Liquid (OARS)

Just like in humans, adolescence for a horse is a time of learning, developing, and socializing. The life of a yearling includes great growth, both physically and in temperament. Keeping the yearling well, building solid immune health for the horse’s lifetime, and minimizing overt negative stress responses can go a long way to success down the road. Supporting gut health in the yearling, and optimizing GALT health is critical. The digestive tract’s immune system is often referred to as gut-associated lymphoid tissue (GALT) and protects the body from invasion.

The digestive tract is a very important part of the body’s immune system. In fact, the intestine possesses the largest mass of lymphoid tissue in an animal’s body. The GALT is made up of several types of lymphoid tissue that store immune cells, such as T and B lymphocytes, that carry out attacks and defend against invading pathogens. To maintain gut health and encourage strong microbiome development, use Horse-Bac to build functional gut microflora. Combined with a nutritious diet, a strong microbiome will help build strong bone and muscle, optimize energy usage, build a healthy immune system, increase focus, and provide health and wellness for a sound future.

Products: Horse-Bac, Horse-Bac Liquid (OARS)


Much of the growth of a horse is done in the first 2 years. Depending on the breed of horse and the purpose to which they are raised, by 2 years of age the horse is usually exposed to much more intensive training for their career goals. Reining and cutting horses are usually well into their training by this age, and racehorses can begin their careers as a 2-year-old. Sport horses for dressage and jumping may start training later. Training is an intensive time for a horse and minimizing stress while optimizing nutritional balance are critical in this period of a horse’s life. Ensuring that these animals have a healthy microbiome in their gut will optimize nutritional access and provide bones and muscles with the nutritional support they need. Horse-Bac as a daily addition to the diet can help.

As a horse reaches its mature weight and height, making sure that its bones are structurally sound and its muscles are supple and strong is the key to a future of health, wellness, and success. Using Horse-Bac daily in feed rations will help your nutritional program ensure that success.

Products: Horse-Bac, Horse-Bac Liquid (OARS)


Whatever the breed or discipline, training is important in the life of a young horse. To maintain a solid training schedule, your horse must be healthy and physically prepared to meet the challenges presented. A nutritious diet, good grooming, a safe environment, a strong immune system, and a healthy and functioning hindgut will help a horse achieve the skills and reach the goals of your training program.

Horse-Bac as a daily addition to the diet can help to optimize nutrient uptake by balancing the microbiome in the hindgut of your young horse. A young horse has great potential. Making sure that your horse reaches its highest potential involves ensuring soundness in body, immune health, and mental acuity. Horse-Bac as a daily addition to the diet can help.

Products: Horse-Bac, Horse-Bac Liquid (OARS)


An adult horse reaches full maturity usually by the age of 5 for most breeds. Between the ages of 5 and 15, most horses are actively training, performing, and working on a regular basis, and they need the best fuel to perform at their highest potential. Performing without overextending requires conditioning and a healthy diet like any athlete. Regular farrier and dental care are important, as are worming programs and good veterinary care to carry your animal well into maturity.

To maintain health, and not experience injury or overextension or exhaustion, an animal needs to be able to best utilize the fuel you are feeding. This requires a healthy and balanced microbiome in the gut of the animal. Support for the microbiome is easily achieved with the inclusion of Horse-Bac as a daily addition to the diet. Unlike other probiotics, Horse-Bac is active and functional all the way to the hindgut of the horse, where the animal processes most of its nutritional needs. Support for microbial balance and nutritional uptake throughout the entire digestive tract is the goal, and Horse-Bac achieves that goal to support your animal’s health and wellness.

Products: Horse-Bac, Horse-Bac Liquid (OARS)


Ideal for growing, breeding, and performance horses of all ages, healthy nutrition and appropriate gut microbial balance and nutritional uptake will keep the ionic, acidity, and salt balance in the vaginal passage and uterine cavity at their optimal condition for cycling, breeding and implantation. Fetal development in breeding horses requires optimal nutrient uptake in the gut of the mare. Horse-Bac nutritional feed supplement ensures the gut is balanced and taking up nutrients which has been shown to optimize secretory tissues and maintain their structure and integrity to support implantation and to provide gestational success and security throughout the entire cycle.

The nutritional needs of a horse change during gestation, and the hindgut microbiome must adjust to meet those needs and to mobilize the appropriate nutrients to support both horse and fetus. This shift in the microbiome to manage the dietary shift and nutritional requirements is not easy. Even after foaling, healthy milk production for the foal is important for early development and depends on yet another shift in gut microbiome balance and nutritional uptake. Keeping your horse on feed and drinking appropriately throughout gestation and into lactation is critical. Horse-Bac nutritional feed supplement will support the continually changing needs of a pregnant mare.

Products: Horse-Bac, Horse-Bac Liquid (OARS)

Horses can live a long and prosperous life, but not all horses age at the same rate. If you buy or own a mature horse you will want to watch for signs of aging, and act appropriately for your animal’s best care. Your horse is considered a senior by the age of 20.

Maintaining your horse’s nutritional and immune health is critical at this time. Older horses may require joint supplements or special care for arthritic stiffness and pain, and they also usually require a dietary change as they become less active and perhaps have challenges with chewing to take in nutrients. At this time, getting the very most out of the feed they are taking in is critical. Horse-Bac nutritional feed supplements can help optimize the microbiome in the gut of the geriatric horse so they are able to get the most nutritional value out of the feed they are eating. When transitioning feed to a lower energy balance or providing a different level of roughage for your horse, be sure to transition slowly. A good rule of thumb is a transition of no more than 10% per day will help the animal’s digestive system adjust to the change in diet. To further help the digestive system, and the microbial balance within the gut, to transition to the new dietary offering add Horse-Bac nutritional feed supplement.

Products: Horse-Bac, Horse-Bac Liquid (OARS)