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Culbac® Forage Liquid

Culbac Forage Liquid is a unique fermentation preservative product designed to prevent and protect from molds, mildews, yeast and bad bacteria in hay.   Culbac Forage Liquid can also be used to promote fermentation and protect silage.  With the preservation and protection from unwanted fungi, you can bale or bag in extreme situations which helps to maintain nutrients and means higher protein.  Culbac Forage Liquid provides natural lactic acid and enhanced good microbial activity to provide the highest nutrient content for your animals.

High-quality forage is an important component for efficient growth and performance in ruminant diets, because higher-quality silage and hay can reduce protein and energy supplementation costs, and help improve animal performance overall. Culbac Forage Liquid allows harvesting in extreme conditions, to protect and produce forage that is greener, softer and higher in crude protein and Relative Feed Value (RFV).

Culbac Forage Liquid can be applied at the baler, the rake or swather, the windrow, or the cutter ahead of or behind the conditioner for hay or at the cutter, chopper, wagon, baler or bagger for silage. Learn More

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Culbac Forage is:

Available for organic input certification

An all-natural product

Safe and easy to use

Available for certification as an organic input

Culbac Forage is scientifically proven to:

Grass Hay in Windrows - 3

Why is Culbac Forage easier, safe and more economical to use?

How does Culbac Forage work?

Culbac Forage includes bacteria and their fermentate which provides unique qualities to protect enhance, and promote the value of hay, whether grass or crop hay. After cutting, ensuring dry down and the ability to bale at higher moisture allows you to rapidly remove your windrow. This means faster regrowth and more substantial subsequent harvest. At baling, higher moisture content allows higher leaf retention, pliability of the stalk and retains nutritional value. Minimizing mold, mildew and yeast is key for protecting the investment you make in your crop and ensures high ROI.

Culbac Forage works as a preservative, a protectant, and like an inoculant. When hay is cut and dried down, the nutritional elements in the hay can begin breaking down. But the tastiest and most nutritious hay is important for successful animal production.

How does Culbac prepare hay and silage for safe storage and keep all of those good nutrients as well?

After cutting, of grass hay, alfalfa hay, or some other type of forage, the goal is to dry it down as quickly as possible. Culbac products help this happen because the fermentate from the unique bacterial process is incorporated. The fermentate contains elements help change the hydrostatic tension and allow the release of the moisture on the outside of the hay and maintain the pliability of the stalk. 

Culbac Forage allows for harvest at the peak of readiness even in extreme conditions. This maintains the protein and nutritional value of the forage. The additional protection from natural lactic acid and other natural preservatives ensures prevention of losses due to molds, mildews, yeast, or pathogenic bacteria which helps avoid damage and loss of value.

Round Hay Bales in Field

Research, Proof Culbac Forage Works

University and field studies, in conjunction with extensive research, have proven that Culbac Forage works and outperforms the competition. Here are a few examples highlighting the research and findings:

Dried Alfalfa in Hands

Culbac® Hay is a vital component supporting feed value and profitability

In alfalfa, leaf retention and baling at higher moisture levels help produce higher quality feed for livestock. When baled at recommended moisture levels, Culbac Hay ...
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Alfalfa in Field After Raking

Culbac® Hay treatment improves nutritional value of alfalfa hay

In alfalfa, leaf retention and baling at higher moisture levels help produce higher quality feed for livestock. When baled at recommended moisture levels, Culbac will ...
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Grass Hay in Windrows - 2

Improving grass hay quality with Culbac® Hay

Culbac Hay treatment allows hay to be baled at higher moisture, which increases leaf retention. When baled at the recommended moisture level, Culbac® Hay treatment ...
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Applications for Culbac Forage

Liquid Application

  • 6 fl. oz. per ton of hay ranging from 16% – 22% moisture.
  • 2.6 fl. oz. per ton of high moisture grain silage

Packaging Options for Culbac Forage

Liquid Availability:

Unit Size Units per Case Product Code
2 gal 2 3-1102
5 gal 1 3-1105
55 gal drum 1 3-1055
250 gal tote 1 3-1250
Bulk Call for quote Call for quote

Available in quantities of 2 gallon, 5 gallon, 55 gallon drum or 250 gallon totes

2 Gallon

5 Gallon

55 Gallon

250 Gallon



Cutting Silage with Culbac Hay Product Line Inset

"A small square bale of alfalfa hay was baled in the rain with extra high dosage rates of Culbac® Hay inoculant preservative applied on 18 June, 2010. 4/5 lb per ton or 12.8 ounces per ton hay application. On 2 July 2010, 2 weeks later, the bale tested 35% moisture and was still cool to the touch and a pleasant odor."

Partch Farms | Outlook, WA
Augies Ag Sales | Ephrata, WA

Round Hay Bales in Field with Culbac Hay Product Line Inset

"The Culbac® Hay Product has been a great addition to my custom baling operation. I have been able to bale hay as high as 21% moisture and have had great results in both quality and appearance. I'm glad I can open up my window to bale longer and my customers are happy I can get the hay off the field sooner."

John Estacio Jr. | Hilmar, CA
Owner of Sundown Farms

Cutting Silage with Culbac Hay Inset

"I’ve been using Culbac for 5 to 6 years, it’s been a great product. I bale my hay with stem moisture, which means that I don’t let it completely cure out beforehand. Just for the fact that I don’t know if I will get enough dew to hold the leaves on. The moisture content of the stems is usually fairly high. I really notice a reduction in the amount of bales that are burnt, this is generally caused by too high of moisture. Heat is generated in the bale because of the moisture being too high. I truly believe that it’s [Culbac has] reduced the heat content of the bales [that is] the higher moisture content. I would recommend it to anyone who has to bale with stem moisture. Hopefully that will help any of you hay growers who want to put up quality hay. Thank you very much. "

Dean Benedict | Soap Lake, WA
Culbac user 5-6 years