Plant & Soil Health Problems & Culbac® Plant Solutions

Although the benefits of Culbac Plant biostimulants will vary by product, application type, and crop species, their most common physiological effects are increased root growth, stimulating plant epiphytes, and supporting nutrient uptake efficiency and drought tolerance. This enables plants or the rhizosphere to more efficiently sequester moisture and nutrients from the soil and leads to enhanced stress tolerance, higher yields, and improved crop quality.

Backed by Industry-Leading Research

Culbac Products for Plants are backed by hundreds of university research studies and field trials worldwide. They show Culbac products for plants produce positive health results in strong taproot growth, greater root mass, higher yield, and quality in plants and crops. This includes species such as plants, crops, ornamentals, fruits and vegetables, and lawn and turf.

Research has shown a healthy soil microbiome and healthy plants like that created by Culbac Plant Products from seed to plant benefit nutrient uptake. This improvement in the plant life cycle:

Improve Plant Life Cycle by

Increases root development, taproot and root mass

Stimulate seed germination

Promotes crop maturity

Improves drought resistance and higher tolerance for stress

Increases crop yield

Improves crop quality

Improve Soil Related Issues such as

Nitrogen binding

Nutrient accessibility

Soil fertility

Water retention in the soil

How do Culbac Plant Products work?

The precise mechanisms in Culbac Plant Biostimulants, like those in commonly used seaweed extracts and protein hydrolysates, are coming to light in scientific studies. While competitor products are adding seaweed topically, Culbac products stand out because we ferment the seaweed to release the nutrients and biostimulants, preparing them for direct uptake in the plant. These biostimulants are applied to plant structures, ensuring maximum efficiency. Culbac Plant Biostimulants do contain a number of trace elements, amino acids, and phytohormones (including cytokinins). This blend of bioactive compounds, paired with organic matter, is believed to have a synergistic effect, rendering their mode of action as complex as the products themselves, stimulating natural processes to enhance microbial biostimulants.


Although Culbac Plant Biostimulants contain levels of elements essential to plant health and include valuable amino acids, they aren’t intended to replace full fertilizer rations, but allow for minimization of fertilizer use upon year-over-year use by improving the uptake of the nutrients in the soil and any fertilizers added. Instead, du jardin-inspired Culbac Plant products are designed to supplement and minimize the need for a fertilizer program, allowing the plant to utilize the maximum amount of nutrients available. Most customers bringing their soil back to life using minimal Culbac treatments are able to easily minimize their fertilizer use by 10 – 50% year after year. Even at a 10% reduction in fertilizer use, Culbac soil treatments pay for themselves in savings, and increase overall farm production for a highly positive return on investment.

Plant and soil variety efficacy

Culbac plant and soil products incorporate proprietary, scientifically formulated blends. Each concentrated blend meets the unique needs and challenges of types of plants and crops, ensuring enhanced nutrient use efficiency.

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