Culbac® products help dairy cows cope with periods of high temperatures

Dairy Cows in Pasture

Study Summary

Heat stress occurs when the environmental temperature matches or exceeds that of the cow’s internal temperature. This causes a decrease in a cow’s feed intake, milk yield and more.

Research in dairy cows fed Culbac demonstrated:

  • increased feed intake in the range of 3-5% in the presence of heat stress
  • improved persistence in milk production among cows normally expected to show a decline in the advanced stages of lactation
  • increased 3.5% fat corrected milk yield by an overall average of 5.6 lbs per head daily. This increase was 9.5lbs with cows in early stages of lactation and 4.4lbs with cows in the later stages of lactation
  • increased butterfat production by .22lbs and solids not fat by .36 lbs. per head daily
  • reduced milk somatic cell count by over 67%
  • 48% reduction in cows requiring therapeutic medications

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