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Sustainable agriculture is about healthy soils, thoughtful crop choices, preserving the highest nutrients and digestibility in feed and supporting healthy growth and development in animals. Whether you’re feeding animals, growing plants or protecting your feed, the complete Culbac product line is formulated to work with natural processes throughout the seasons and life cycles.

Backed by Science, Proven in the Fields

For over 60 years, we have been committed to testing (and continuing to test) Culbac products on the farm and in agricultural settings. University research and field studies show time and again Culbac products are safe and effective.

How we are different, Culbac® Probiotic Plus™

What differentiates our products from our competitors? Our founder had a vision of creating products that worked with natural systems, made ag work easier, and increased productivity and profitability. He discovered our proprietary bacteria and experimented with a unique blend of beneficial ingredients and processes to create the most effective products on the market.


"[We feed Culbac®] because we’ve seen better feed intake and healthier cattle. And our calves have taken off a lot better with the liquid (HealthyStart®)."

Matt Rohl | Ellsworth, WI
Rohl Dairy

"Culbac® has made a big impact on our calf raising. The calves are livelier and we use a lot less drugs and see a lot less scour problems. We feel Culbac® is the first product that has worked the way the salesman has said it was supposed to work."

Ken & Kelly Seubert | Wisconsin Dairy Products

"I’ve been using Culbac® (Animal) for nearly four years. It really increased my cows feed intake and I got better herd health and improved conception rates."

Terry Napierala| Mayer, MN
Culbac® user for 4 years

"I’ve used Culbac® for Animals for 20 years and I wouldn’t farm without it. It has reduced my feed costs by as much as 10% and there’s a noticeable impact on the cow’s ability to cope with stress during milk production. I see an improvement in calf health with the liquid (Healthy Start®) the calves have been stronger from birth."

Don Hoese | Mayer, MN
Culbac® user for 20 years

"We have been feeding it (Healthy Start®) to our new born baby dairy calves. They’ve been improving greatly with their scour control. We give them 15 cc starting at day 2 for about a week and with that program we have had great success! I see an improvement in calf health with the liquid (Healthy Start®) the calves have been stronger from birth."

Erin Rohl | Ellsworth, WI
Culbac® user for 10 years

"I’m pretty impressed with it (Culbac® Animal Dry). I’ve noticed the cow’s intake is a little better with it, they eat more. And the health of the cow is really better with it. I am very satisfied with what the product is doing for me right now."

Vernon Breth | Breth Dairy, Stearns County, MN
Feed Culbac® for 3 or 4 years

"We started feeding Culbac® to our young calves and right away noticed reduced scours and they were better at taking off on their feed. The adults eat better, and we have seen less bloat...It really does work!"

Randy Oldenburg | Belle Plaine, MN
Customer since 1978

"I've been feeding Culbac® for about 40 years. On the cows, I have seen better breeding, and they seem to utilize their feed better...with the calves that are a little slower performing, we have seen better appetite."

Patrick O’Brien | Kasson, MN
Customer since 1970

"A small square bale of alfalfa hay was baled in the rain with extra high dosage rates of Culbac® Hay inoculant preservative applied on 18 June, 2010. 4/5 lb per ton or 12.8 ounces per ton hay application. On 2 July 2010, 2 weeks later, the bale tested 35% moisture and was still cool to the touch and a pleasant odor."

Partch Farms | Outlook, WA
Augies Ag Sales | Ephrata, WA

"The Culbac® Hay Product has been a great addition to my custom baling operation. I have been able to bale hay as high as 21% moisture and have had great results in both quality and appearance. I'm glad I can open up my window to bale longer and my customers are happy I can get the hay off the field sooner."

John Estacio Jr. | Hilmar, CA
Owner of Sundown Farms

"I’ve been using Culbac for 5 to 6 years, it’s been a great product. I bale my hay with stem moisture, which means that I don’t let it completely cure out beforehand. Just for the fact that I don’t know if I will get enough dew to hold the leaves on. The moisture content of the stems is usually fairly high. I really notice a reduction in the amount of bales that are burnt, this is generally caused by too high of moisture. Heat is generated in the bale because of the moisture being too high. I truly believe that it’s [Culbac has] reduced the heat content of the bales [that is] the higher moisture content. I would recommend it to anyone who has to bale with stem moisture. Hopefully that will help any of you hay growers who want to put up quality hay. Thank you very much. "

Dean Benedict | Soap Lake, WA
Culbac user 5-6 years

Research + Development

Cattle in a lush green field

Culbac® Healthy Start® improves rumen function

The University of Pennsylvania conducted a study evaluating the effect of Healthy Start on rumen function. Healthy Start increased VFA in both the acetate and …

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Layer health is essential for producing large, quality eggs that are loaded with nutrition

Culbac® helps shift the balance of a bird’s gut bacteria to a “good gut bacteria” and eliminates the bad. Providing a bird this healthy advantage …

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Rumen-Bac® improves nutrient digestibility in lambs

Improved rumen function in lambs results in higher digestibility of feedstuffs and better feed efficiency. Rumen-Bac was found to significantly increase the digestibility of dry …

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Horse-Bac® supports digestion and absorption of nutrients in the hind gut

Microbial diversity and viability in the intestinal tract of horses optimizes nutritional uptake and accommodates greater utilization of energy for performance. Horse-Bac has been shown …

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Horse-Bac® Liquid as an oral appetite response solution (OARS)

Horse-Bac Liquid (OARS) provides a proper microbial balance throughout the digestive tract which helps horses maintain their appetite and recover from exercise or stress. It …

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Horse-Bac® nutritional supplement is perfect for performance horses

From foals to adults, thoroughbreds to Clydesdales, Horse-Bac® supplements are safe and effective for horses of all types and ages. By protecting against appetite suppression, …

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Healthy Start® has been shown to counteract E. coli infection in broiler chickens

Research Finding: Assessment of Healthy Start to Counteract Colisepticaemia in Broiler Chickens Clinical status, performance parameters, immune response, and bacterial count were measured in broiler …

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Healthy Start® improves performance and profitability of heifer calves

Healthy Start improves rate of gain, DM intake and DM feed efficiency during the first 56 days. Previous work indicates that using Culbac products improves …

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Culbac® fed to veal calves increases carcass grade, feed efficiency and daily gain

Improvements in health and performance of young calves usually translate into better health and production. These include faster stimulation of rumen function, reduction in mortality, …

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Culbac® Dry Seed Treatment Plus increases yields in soybeans and corn

In a Culbac field trial in Kansas, Culbac Dry Seed Treatment was compared to both a live inoculant and untreated soybeans. The Culbac Seed Treatment …

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Culbac® seed treatments help seeds get off to a better, faster start

Seeds treated with Commercial Seed Treatment in cold and warm germination studies in rice, wheat and bluegrass found significant improvement in the Culbac-treated seed. Besides …

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Culbac® Liquid Commercial Seed Treatment enhances seed germination and vigor

The effects of Culbac Seed Treatments are most noticeable when seeds are planted in less than ideal conditions. For example, in a research trial conducted …

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Culbac® Hay is a vital component supporting feed value and profitability

In alfalfa, leaf retention and baling at higher moisture levels help produce higher quality feed for livestock. When baled at recommended moisture levels, Culbac Hay …

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Culbac® Silage prevents mold and extends TMR bunk life

Culbac Silage is demonstrated to minimize bunk loss and maximize nutritional feed output in total mixed rations (TMRs). Shortened time to feed-out, improved palatability and …

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Culbac® Silage helps produce robust anaerobic fermentation often better than live-microbial inoculants

In side-by-side research studies, Culbac Silage helps produce robust anaerobic fermentation that preserves silage, maintains nutritional value and encourages faster feed-out as well as and …

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Culbac® Silage can help improve the quality and extend the bunk life of fermented forage

Culbac Silage can help improve the quality and feeding value of ground roughage and extend the bunk life of fermented forage.   The effectiveness of Culbac …

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Improving grass hay quality with Culbac® Hay

Culbac Hay treatment allows hay to be baled at higher moisture, which increases leaf retention. When baled at the recommended moisture level, Culbac® Hay treatment …

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Culbac® Hay treatment improves value of baled hay

Culbac Hay treatment increases leaf retention, crude protein, digestible dry matter, lowers acid detergent fiber and reduces mold and heat damage.  After cutting, whether it …

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Culbac® Hay treatment inhibits mold and preserves forage quality at low inclusion rates

Maintaining forage quality when baling grasses is an important part of feeding management. When Culbac Hay treatment is applied to baling grasses, dry matter loss …

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Culbac® Hay treatment improves nutritional value of alfalfa hay

In alfalfa, leaf retention and baling at higher moisture levels help produce higher quality feed for livestock. When baled at recommended moisture levels, Culbac will …

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Culbac® BG reduces mortality and increases growth and productivity in poultry

Research trials conducted with broilers, layers and turkeys have shown Culbac® BG reduces mortality, significantly improves feed conversion and increase the number of large-size eggs …

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Research trials on Culbac

Research trials show Culbac products significantly improves body weight gain, reduces scours and resulting mortality, enhances immune response and reduces E. coli levels in stomach Full …

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Rumen-Bac® has largest effect of fermentation aids on rumen bacteria

Full Research Study PDF

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Rumen-Bac® improves digestibility in dairy cows

Improved rumen function in dairy cows results in higher digestibility of feedstuffs, better feed efficiency and higher production and quality per feed intake. Rumen-Bac was …

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Rumen-Bac® outperforms other fermentation aids in supporting rumen bacteria

Fistulated rumen studies conducted at Utah State University investigated the effect of fundal enzymes, yeast and Rumen-Bac on fermentation and microbial parameters in the rumen …

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Culbac® treated grass gains resistance to seasonal dry weather and drought

Culbac Plant Solution works to overcome stress factors that adversely affect sod production by promoting turf that is durable.  Studies showed bluegrass gained 10% mass …

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Culbac® treated grass plugs posted an average of 37% more root mass growth

Culbac Plant Solution benefits cuttings, plugs, potted and bare-root transplants of fruits, vegetables, flowering plants, trees, shrubs, and other plants when used as directed, improving …

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Culbac® Seed Treatments helps grass seeds off to a better, faster start

Culbac Seed Treatments promoted earlier emergence and produced an average of 37.19% more root mass development compared to the control group. Full Research Study PDF

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Culbac® Seed Treatments promotes root mass, growth and more

Culbac Plant Solution works to overcome stress factors that adversely affect sod production by stimulating root structure.  Also, grass grown from Culbac treated seeds averaged …

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Culbac® Plant Solution provides superior potato yield and quality

Field trials have found that applying Culbac Seed Treatment to potatoes prior to planting can improve both yields and quality of the harvested potatoes. Treatment …

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Culbac® Plant Solution promoted 15-20% greater melon crop yields

Culbac Plant Solution promoted earlier maturity, healthier plants, improved root growth, better color index in melon foliage and greater yields between 15-20% Full Research Study …

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Culbac® treated strawberry plants had a much faster root-growth rate in the critical two-week period after transplanting seedlings

Culbac Plant Solution promotes vigorous root development and stress tolerance in transplanted plants, resulting in a much faster root-growth rate in the critical two-week period …

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Culbac® Seed treatments improve emergence in less-than-ideal conditions

Culbac Seed treatments improved resistance to environmental stresses, promoted earlier emergence, produced more root mass development and stimulated the beneficial microbes in the rhizosphere. Full …

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Help seedlings overcome transplant shock

Culbac® treatments of cuttings have been shown to increase rooting success. For example, in an experiment using crotons, a woody ornamental houseplant, Culbac treatments of …

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Culbac® Plant Solution benefits tomatoes

Two studies from the University of Florida show how significantly a foliar application of Culbac Plant Solution can increase fruit set, sugar content, color and …

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Maximize your alfalfa’s yield potential with Culbac® Plant Solution

Application rates and timing are important to achieve the maximum benefit from plant growth regulators such as Culbac. Our research has defined the optimal amounts …

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Culbac® products help dairy cows cope with periods of high temperatures

Heat stress occurs when the environmental temperature matches or exceeds that of the cow’s internal temperature. This causes a decrease in a cow’s feed intake, …

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